Kanzlei Sachs Cosmopolitan outlook and a cooperative approach
ven when it comes to legal issues, it is above all essential to take the right and forward-looking decisions at the right time.

Both owners of the law firm Sachs have worked in large businesses and, thanks to their experience gleaned there, are able to identify with industrial enterprises¹chains of cummunication, which are frequently based on strategic considerations.

Europe is becoming more and more tightly knit. In light of this development, the law firm Sachs was quick to successfully integrate into their consulting the various EU guidelines governing the product- and advertising-related advice that it offers to its clients.

The commitment to Europe forms the basis of a network of international partners that enables the law firm Sachs to operate rapidly, unbureaucratically and economically in all of Europe¹s and America¹s most important economic zones.
Cosmopolitan outlook and a cooperative approach